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Relieves joints and absorbs shocks during every movement

Shock absorption, reduces the occurrence of micro-damage. SHOCK ABSORB-ER is a technology used in the construction of specialized footwear soles, which is designed to relieve as much pressure as possible on the joints during movement. The system is located in the sole in the form of contrasting inserts. SHOCK ABSORBER disperses huge amounts of kinetic energy, which affects the body with every step. In addition to significantly increasing the ergonomic value of the footwear, SHOCK ABSORBER technology helps prevent postural defect sand injuries.


Provides stability, control and helps to avoid accidents

The SELF CLEAN technology used in the design of the sole is a system of channels in the tread that automatically drain water on a regular basis. This allows you to maintain proper grip and stability even on wet surfaces. SELF CLEAN provides extra support even when moving intensively between wet and dry ground.


Improves comfort and ergonomics at work

PRT FLEX - technology ensuring comfort of use. High flexibility of the shoe is achieved by elevating the nose pad and the back of the tread, which allows the sole to adapt to the anatomical movements of the foot when walking, bending, kneeling and working in various positions of the body. With PRT FLEX, it becomes much easier to move over a diverse surface due to the flexibility of the sole and its ability to adapt to the natural changes in the position of the foot in the shoe.


Stabilizes joints and protects limbs against injuries 

The special construction of the upper is the application of PRO-TENDON technology, aimed at strengthening the protection of the Achilles tendon, which significantly improves the resistance to mechanical injury. In addition, this construction stabilizes the ankle joint, which reduces the possibility of its twisting.


Protects against sprains and ankle injuries

ANA-TECH is a technology whose secret is the carefully designed shape of the sole. The widened heel area helps to minimize the risk of ankle sprains, thanks to a larger surface area adjacent to the floor than in standard footwear.


Increases the footwear's durability and lifespan  

UV PROTECTION is a technology applied to the entire length of the shoe, protecting against the effects of UV rays on the materials from which it is made. This extends the durability and lifetime of footwear and makes it easier to keep the leather in good condition. The technology also helps to maintain the optimum temperature inside the footwear on sunny days.


Effective protection against low temperatures 

The COLD PROTECTION technology provides insulation for the user’s foot at very low temperatures. It guarantees thermal comfort when working in cold stores, freezers and in winter weather conditions.

The unique, durable and developed COLD PROTECTION system is a construction/technology/material composition created in cooperation with our technology partners. In terms of materials, COLD PROTECTION consists of thermal insulating elements in the upper (using the technological material Thinsulate)and a special blend of materials in the sole.

The Thinsulate material used is a unique microfiber technology that ensures the highest thermal parameters with the lowest weight and thickness. The material is waterproof and breathable at the same time. It is durable and hypoallergenic.


ESD (electrostaticdischarge)

Electrostatic discharge, or ESD for short, refers to the equalization of large potential differences that causes high voltage pulses. Under certain circumstances, this voltage pulse can damage or even destroy electronic components. Measures against static discharges are described in EN 61340-5-

1. Effective personal grounding through the use of suitable ESD footwear in accordance with EN 61340-4-3 serves to protect sensitive components by continuously dissipating charges.

Wearing EN 61340-4-3 andEN 61340-5-1 certied footwear is strongly recommended in the following areas:

-chemical and electrical industry

-when handling - ammable liquids and gases, paints and varnishes

-classical areas with intensive dust exposure: printing plants, mills, grain warehouses, woodworking industries

Warning: ESD shoes are not suitable for electricians or when working on sources carrying electrical voltage.




Abeba occupational and safety shoes are characterized in particular by the additional quality features HACCP and DGUV.

Through the quality feature HACCP, signicant health hazards from food can be identied, evaluated and eliminated.

Through this quality assurance we guarantee the exclusion of materials that are susceptible to bacterial foci.


1. Hazard analysis (Hazard Analysis).

2. Determination of critical control points (CCPs).

3. Determination of limit values for the CCPs.

4. Determination of a monitoring system.

5. Determination of corrective measures incase of exceeding a limit value is exceeded.