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A multi-generational tradition in producing safe and functional footwear.

A multi-generational tradition in producing safe and functional footwear.

Discover technological perfection, continuously improved since 1944.

Our roots go back to 1944 - to the Shoe Factory in Lublin. It was at this time and place that the activity of the progenitor of the current PROTEKTOR brand began. Since then, we have been constantly creating solutions aimed at improving and ensuring the work safety of people taking occupational risks. Decades of intensive work, research and development have allowed us not only to gain the trust of our customers, but also to develop many proven technological solutions. In our footwear we use, among others: PRT FLEX, PRO TENDON, ANA-TECH, UV PROTECTION, COLD PROTECTION, SHOCK ABSORBER and SELF CLEAN technologies. A detailed description of our technologies can be found here.

Ergonomic, durable and safe shoes.

This is our philosophy that guides us when creating footwear. The PROTEKTOR company has approximately 600 models intended for use in areas such as: uniformed services, rescue and medical services, military, production, transport, warehouses, construction industry, fire brigade and many others. We create intelligent footwear that already improves the safety, quality and comfort of everyday work of specialists from around the world. In our company, we believe that this particular element of everyday clothing must give a sense of stability, provide full control, and guarantee a high degree of safety.

In our daily work, we use the experience and skills of talented designers, technologists and constructors. Each model of specialized footwear is thoroughly tested - both in laboratory conditions and directly in practice. In this way, we ensure that the final product meets rigorous standards and is suitable for the most demanding and specialized tasks.

What distinguishes our group from the competition, in addition to almost 80 years of experience, is also a diversified product portfolio including:

  • safe footwear that is used to protect against several types of threats at the same time, i.e. mechanical injuries, chemical injuries, moisture, burns and other harmful effects of temperature.
  • professional footwear, produced in a wide range and used for everyday use in the workplace to protect feet against injuries. This type of footwear is light, flexible, durable and made of good quality materials so that it does not deteriorate prematurely during use. It was designed and manufactured taking into account the anatomical structure of the feet and their functions, which guarantees stable walking, proper body weight transfer and optimal adaptation to the type of work performed.
  • heavy footwear - firefighting, useful for rescue fire-fighting operations, fire extinguishing, security activities in buildings, closed rooms, vehicles, ships or similar means involved in a fire, or emergency situations.
  • heavy - military footwear - available under the PROTEKTOR brand, produced for the army, police, other special uniformed services, security companies and hobbyists. For this type of footwear, due to the need to meet strictly defined requirements, it is necessary to appropriately select the quality and technological parameters of the components (e.g. sole, leather), which are subject to separate certification.

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