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A new, innovative line of UNIQUE trekking models - footwear for special tasks.

We present the latest line of our flagship GROM boots - UNIQUE.

The models are ideal for outdoor sports, such as trekking or hiking. Developed to work even in the most demanding weather conditions. Intended for the autumn and winter season. What distinguishes this line from others available on the market? First of all, a wide range of properties. Every detail is carefully thought out so that the footwear is universal.


The sole in each model in this line is made of rubber and pu (polyurethane). Thanks to this combination, it becomes very flexible and resistant to cracking. It is resistant to acids and short-term contact with temperatures up to 180°C. In addition, the sole uses a rubber tread, ensuring traction and grip regardless of the surface on which we walk.


The footwear is equipped with a technologically advanced membrane that makes the boots warm. Secondly, it improves the comfort of use by draining sweat to the outside, while guaranteeing water resistance and temperature regulation inside the footwear.


In the UNIQUE line, we used 5 of our technologies! PRT FLEX technology - thanks to the raised toes and the back of the tread, the sole adapts to the anatomical movements of the foot when walking, bending, kneeling and working in various body positions. SHOCK ABSORBER technology - relieves joints while moving. The system is mounted in the sole in the form of inserts, which are designed to dissipate energy, which prevents posture defects and injuries. ANA TECH technology (extended heel surface in the sole) - thanks to a larger surface adjacent to the floor than in standard footwear, it minimizes the risk of ankle sprains. SELF CLEAN technology - allows you to maximize stability on a wet surface. It is a specially developed system of channels built into the sole that automatically drain water. The last technology is PRO TENDON - a reinforced protection of the Achilles tendon, built into the upper of the footwear. It stabilizes the ankle joint, thanks to which you can take a step with confidence!

All models do not have any metal elements, and you can safely disinfect them. Some of them have been reinforced with additional toe protection and even with reflective elements that ensure safety after dark. The issue of aesthetics cannot be overlooked here - thanks to the highest quality natural leather used in production, the footwear has an innovative, modern look. Thanks to the laces, you can easily adjust the fit of the shoe to foot.

See the exact specification and colors of our new UNIQUE models.