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PROTENDON – Technology that stabilizes joints and protects against injuries.

PROTENDON – Technology that stabilizes joints and protects against injuries.

During the winter, we are more exposed than ever to injuries and sprains. It is not easy to walk on ice, snow or other slippery surfaces. Our PROTENDON technology solution, used in about 40 footwear models, will help you feel safe both indoors and outdoors.

What is this technology?

We use PROTENDON only in the production of ankle boots. It is based on a specially developed construction of the upper, aimed at reinforced protection of the Achilles tendon. The shoes are designed in such a way that the collar at the back is lowered, and thus does not touch the Achilles tendon, but only surrounds it. In our footwear with PROTENDON technology, we use soft quilting that naturally adapts to the foot. This treatment means that even in a bent body position or when driving a vehicle, the back of the upper does not dig into the leg and does not rub against the Achilles tendon. The collars are covered with a soft fabric or natural leather, and inside they are filled with foam, which makes the uppers softly fit the leg, and thus effectively protect it.

Thanks to this solution, you will effectively protect the Achilles tendon against abrasions, injuries or injuries. In addition, the stabilization of the ankle reduces the risk of twisting. The lines in which we used PRO-TENDON include: Unique PROCraft and Food Trax. All models with this technology can be found here.