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The new, minimalist BASIC line.

The new, minimalist BASIC line

Universal occupational and safety footwear

We present the latest line of minimalist footwear in white from the Abeba brand. Three color versions of the sole are available: blue, red and gray. The upper is made of microfiber, the sole material is pu / pu (polyurethane), and the insole is made of soft fabric. According to preferences or requirements, we have created a model of sandals, boots, lace-up shoes, slip-on shoes and slip-on shoes with raised ankle height.

The footwear is available in two categories of protection: professional (O1, O2) and safe (S1, S2 - with a composite toecap). Thanks to their properties, the models are perfect for the following industries:

  • medical industry
  • food industry
  • light industry
  • gastronomy / kitchens
  • pharmacy.

What technical parameters can you find in BASIC models?

First of all, the footwear has the SRC feature, i.e. slip resistance on a ceramic surface covered with an SLS solution and on a steel surface covered with glycerol. In addition, the sole is resistant to diesel fuel (FO). The anti-slip property of the sole is one of the most important aspects when choosing work shoes. In addition, the footwear has antistatic properties (A), energy absorption in the heel area (E) and cold insulation of the bottom (CI). In addition to the sandals in this line, the models also have footwear water resistance (WR) and water permeability and water absorption of the upper material (WRU). An additional advantage of the footwear are specially developed features, such as: unisex footwear, increased durability of the upper, metal free (lack of any metal elements), upper made of easy-to-clean material, acid-resistant sole, alkali-resistant sole, resistance of the sole to short-term contact with temp.180°C, replaceable insert (removable), washable at 30°, PRT FLEX technology and SHOCK ABSORBER technology.

In addition, we have prepared a black color version from the Protektor brand, with the S1P protection property. Black BASIC models can be found here.